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20th, Jan 2018

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Former Cricket Coach of Nepal

Posted in 29th Sep, 2017

Pubudu Bathiya Dassanayake is a former international cricketer who represented both Sri Lanka and Canada internationally. He is the current coach of the U.S. national team, having earlier served for periods as head coach of Canada and Nepal.

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IT profession in Canada

Posted in 6th Aug, 2017

 Discussion    Nepalese Canadian IT professionals Topics: Information & technology in Canada  LANGUAGE :NEPALI  

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Toronto Festival of South Asia 2017

Posted in 20th Jul, 2017

Nepal TV Canada is a media partner of Toronto  TD festival of South Asia 2017. Date: 22/23 of July. Free...

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Meditation | Krishana Prem (KP) with Amrito Bhattarai

Posted in 7th Jun, 2017

'Freedom, Happiness, Meditation , Friendship and Love'.. A talk   show with  Krishana Prem (KP) &  Amrito Bhattarai on 'NTVC'

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Buddha’s Birthday Celebration in Canada

Posted in 29th May, 2017

The largest Canadian Buddhist festival. It is co-organized by the West End Buddhist Temple and Meditation Temple in Mississauga, Fo...

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‘NTVC’ Special

Posted in 22nd May, 2017

Guest speakers : Amrito Bhattarai, Dr. Kunjar M. Sharma, Chirian Chimire, Bijay Paudel & Film Dir. Narayan Puri. Photography: Chiran...

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Nepali Business in Australia अस्ट्रेलियाका एक सफल नेपाली...

Posted in 18th May, 2017

Mr. Dharma Raj Adhikari, an immigrant  from  Nepal , who started with an aspiration to own a business now possesses...

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Aditya Jha | Nepal TV Canada | Community...

Posted in 12th May, 2017

Aditya Jha, C.M., LL.D is a Nepalese Canadian entrepreneur, philanthropist and social activist. A globetrotter, his business portfolio consists of...

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Posted in 11th May, 2017

Your donation is to The Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer, on behalf of PRADEEP (SURYA) MARAHATTA All Canadian donations are...

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Youth | Bullying | Depression | Suicide| Canada

Posted in 9th May, 2017

Being an Immigrant :  Guest speaker Amrito Bhattarai shares his experience at the talk show organized by NTVC, bi- weekly...

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Posted in 16th Apr, 2017

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Posted in 13th Apr, 2017

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