Serving Canada's Multicultural Communities
20th, Jan 2018

About Us

Nepal TV Canada is a  Nepalese Community-based television program broadcasts  bi- weekly  on Rogers channel (10,63)  in GTA Canada.  This program aims  to serve  the Nepalese community and  to contribute   the dynamic multicultural identity in Canada.

Nepal TV Canada is a registered  non-profit organization under the Federal Gov. of Canada.


• preserve and promote Nepalese language, culture, music, art, heritage, tradition,food and movies
• promote creativity and talents

• to promote   business

• broadcast informational, educational, recreational,  entertainment programs for adults, youths and kids
• create informational networks that help Nepalese newcomers settle in Canada
• disseminate information that help people of Nepalese origin integrate into the Canadian mainstream

Commitment and Values:

Nepal TV Canada (NTVC) team is committed to work hard to achieve its purpose and continue to be the television medium of The GTA-based Nepalese community. It will bring Nepalese  based  communities  together in Canada and around the world.